Without You Here


Dress: TK Maxx*. Jewellery: Primark.

This is the dress I bought in my TK Maxx Haul, but I wasn't sure whether or not if it suited me, and asked my lovely instagram/twitter followers if I should keep or return, and the result was keep, so here it is! I love the back of this, although I think I need to invest in a stick on bra thingy! Plus I do love a good LBD. I'm just not sure where to wear it?

Today is the fiancés birthday, so we're off out for a meal and a couple of drinks after too I think. Go wish him happy birthday on twitter, that would make him smile while he's at work! To celebrate we also spent the weekend at home, and went out for a pub meal and drinks with his family, (it's his brothers birthday on Sunday too!), and this weekend we're going out for a nice meal with his Dad. So much yummy food recently! Plus the trip home was filled with nice dog walks in the sun, and being a crazy dog lady, which I posted about far too much on instagram, sorry! My username is danielleycuk if you want to follow me!

What do you think of this dress? Where would you wear it? 

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  1. That is a super pretty dress, I love it and would wear it :)

  2. hehe crazy dog lady. theyre the best anyway!
    love the dress hun, especially the back of it, hope you have a lovely meal and happy birthday to mr.danielle :) hehe xx

  3. you look so stylish. this is amazing dress <3

  4. This is a gorgeous dress! I personally couldn't wear it, as with my bosom there's no chance I can leave the house without a bra on! x
    Sirens and Bells

  5. That dress is so so pretty, you look lovely!

    Julia x

  6. You look beautiful, the dress is lovely!! XOXO :)


  7. Such a gorgeous dress, you look really pretty. I would probs wear this dress when going out with the girls, such a fun dancing dress that you can dress up or down.
    Lianne x

  8. I love this dress on you! You look gorgeous!
    You can wear this dress with tights and flats or with heels and a clutch, i'm sure you could rock it where ever you wear it! xx

  9. Gorgeous dress, I love the dipped back! I think tights and dolly shoes or a casual day with a cute cardi would look nice :-) xxx