Tweezerman Reptile Slant Tweezers


I've wanted to try some Tweezerman tweezers for a while now, but just wasn't sure if they would be worth the plunge, I've always bought tweezers from Body Care for a couple of quid before. I mentioned I bought some in this post, after finding the Reptile ones in a cute little case for £12.99!
I'm so glad I decided to get them because they are definitely the best tweezers I've used to date. At first I wasn't sure, but after a second go with them I realised how good these were! The ends of the tweezer and really thin and slanted to help you get the smallest of hair. Since having these I've been asked my both my nan, and my mum if I've had my eyebrows done, so they've definitely made a difference!
I think these are well worth their asking price, and definitely worth a buying if you don't have a pair! I think they would also make a nice gift for someone who knows a bit about the beauty world! Plus you can get cheap ones from places like TK Maxx in store and Feel Unique!
Do you have a pair of tweezermans? Would you buy some?

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  1. I've always wondered if these would be better than my cheap boots ones! They sound great and I love the reptile print! x

  2. i'd love a pair! i'm a bit obsessed with doing my brows, so i think good tweezers will last you a lifetime!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  3. I would definitely buy these! I've been wanting a pair of professional tweezers for my eyebrows for months and had no idea where to find some that are not too pricey. I'll definitely google tweezerman. Thanks a lot for sharing! :)

  4. I seriously need some new tweezers but I've been unsure about splashing out on Tweezermans too! Sounds like I need to just bite the bullet. I love the reptile print!


  5. Okay you know what I've always secretly thought this good tweezers are so important! I always end up borrowing my mums which don't meet properly so end up getting really frustrated! Thanks for the tip

  6. Love tweezermans. I only buy them. Always wonder about their 'free sharpening service'... I always just end up buying another pair!

  7. these are on my 'to buy' list, I need them! I need something to get those pesky dot hairs out!
    following because I have fallen in love with your blog <3x