My Coconut Island - Better Than Body Shop?


I've mentioned before, I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop products, right now I have 4 unused body butters stacked up on my shelf, and almost empty body scrub and hair products in the bathroom. This could all be about to change! The three main reasons I shop in Body Shop are the fact they are against animal testing, offer a great range of fragrances, and in general they offer high quality.

I tried Treacle Moon with the idea that it's around half / a third of the price of Body Shop, and therefore it just wouldn't match up, I was wrong! My Coconut Island smells amazing, seriously, it's so good! I love Coconut products anyway, but this ones really sweet and yummy smelling, it's probably not for everyone as I know some people don't like things too sweet, but in my opinion it's to die for! It actually smells a bit like Bountys. 

In comparison to Body Shop the body butter isn't quite as thick, although I do usually buy the ones for dry skin, so maybe it's of a similar consistency to the normal skin ones. It absorbs just as well, makes your skin super soft and smells heavenly. Price wise, Body Shop costs £12.50 for a 200ml pot, and the Treacle Moon body butter is a very reasonable £3.99 for a 250ml pot. 

With regards to Body Shop scrubs, I find they can be a bit hit and miss, the consistency between different flavours is really different. I previously use a Moringa one which was really nice, where as the current one I've been using Spiced Vanilla has multiple sized grains, and just doesn't do it's job as good. The Treacle Moon body scrub is probably better than both Body Shop ones I've tried, it's the same gorgeous smell as the butter, and it's a really good scrub. On first look I thought the black beads were what classed it as a scrub, but it's actually made up of a sugar like substance that's really good for removing old skin cells. The squeezy bottle is also much nicer in my opinion than a pot, I dislike scooping out body scrub with my fingers! Price wise, Body Shop would set you back £12.50 for a 200ml pot, and Treacle Moon is a bargain at £2.99 for 225ml.

I'd say I'm definitely a convert, and really want to try out the rest of the Coconut Island range, they have hand washes, hand creams, and shower gel. Mmmm! Plus if coconut is not your thing, then there's other flavours to choose from! Oh and Treacle Moon also don't test on animals, so I wouldn't be disregarding that either, and it's made in the UK! You can buy Treacle Moon online or in Tesco :)

What are your thoughts on Treacle Moon? Would you choose this over Body Shop?

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  1. this looks great and is such a reasonable price! definitely going to be trying it x

  2. I've tried both. Love the body butter and the scrub is nice but I prefer body scrubs that are a bit harsher. I do buy it sometimes though when I'm a bit strapped on cashx
    Beauty Fiends Blog

  3. We always have some of the Treacle Moon shower gels in the house, the raspberry and lemonade one smell gorgeous! x

  4. I've tried treacle moon stuff, love it!

    xoxo Chloe

  5. Ive heard alot of good things about Treacle Moon really wanna try out some of there products now :)

  6. Haven't heard about Treacle Moon but they do look quite similar to the I love.. range which smells absolutely gorgeous as well! Also their stuff costs a fraction of the price of TBS products! xx

  7. I've not heard of this brand before but I love anything that smells of coconut so shall definitely be trying it out :) x

  8. Oooh, I LOVE coconut so this sounds divine!!

    ~ Lauren <3

  9. I've also been really impressed with this. I used to use soap and glory foaming fruity body scrub but times are hard and I'm watching the pennies so I decided to give this one a go. I fully expected it to be a bit crap and to have to try and find something else. But it's not! Really good value for money - can't believe more people dont know about it!