Make Believe Tan


If you're looking to be a really bronzed godess, then this tan isn't for you (although you could go up a zone or two!), however, if you're looking for a really natural tan then I'd definitely recommend this! I've always been really fair skinned, and it's hard to find a tan that's not so dark! Zone 2 gives you a gradual warm glowing look, it's basically your skin tone, but just nicer! I wanted to share photos, but I took them in different lighting so you can't see the difference, but I'd just applied it in this outfit post (and yes, I was paler before!). This tan works by layering up, so if you wanted to be darker, than just add another layer once you're dry!

The tan smells really different to any I've tried before! It's described as exotic, and smells like a mixture of sweets, fruits and flowers! With it being a white lotion I think I did apply a bit too much in places resulting in it being sticky, but luckily I was blessed with a streak free tan! 

I'll be applying this tan regularly, just for a me, but better look, and I'd definitely look to try more products in the Make Believe range as I'm really impressed. I've heard great things about the mousse, so I'm aching to try that!

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  1. I'm always on the look out for a tan that doesn't just make you as brown/orangey as all the others.

    I tried L'Oreal Sublime Bronze gel the other day and I'm really impressed with that cause it takes your natrual skin tone and darkens it slightly. :)

    I'll check this out once I've run out of Sublime Bronze, sounds really good! :D x

  2. This sounds good, might just have to go check it out :) x

  3. this sounds perfect, too much tan doesn´t even look great :)

  4. ooo it sounds like a good alternative for people who arent fussed about a full tan in winter, but still to pale to go without. sometimes doing a full tan can be such a pain! xx

  5. oh wow this sounds so good! I used to be an avid tanner but hate how orange I looked and how it flaked off after a few days, I'll definately be giving this a try! xxxx