Hunting For Witches


Dress: Missguided. Scarf: White Leaf*. Accessories: Primark & Asos (old). Nails: Essie Pearly White & M.O. Ibiza Mix

First of all, how amazing is this scarf? I love anything that's cat print, although to be honest, I'm much more of a dog person, (dogs > cats), but how often can you find a nice dog print item? This scarf is incredible soft, and super big, if I didn't wrap it round, it's pretty much the same length as my dress. I also have my eye on this scarf too, there's so many beautiful ones on the White Leaf website! The dress is one I've had for ages from Missguided, I've shown you it before here, it's just so easy to restyle!

Secondly, I really need to improve my posture, I seem to stand like a banana in my sideways shots, I don't even know how I make my back arch like that without noticing? Either way I really hope I don't stand like this in real life, because it's not too flattering in this dress, it just sticks out so much!

Do you pick up on strange things you do in outfit posts, or am I just a weird being?
Ps. White Leaf have kindly offered the code BG20 to get 20% off with no minimum spend!

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  1. This scarf is so cute, looks great against the black of your dress. I love your nails, too :) xx

  2. so pretty!
    that scarf is so cute, and that dress is so nice!
    big like!


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  3. You look lovely! That scarf is so cute. Also loving the post title song! xx

  4. Cute little outfit girl :) I love simple looks x

  5. Cat scarf is SO cute. I love anything with cats on :) x

  6. I love your pretty dress! And the scarf is lovely too;) x

  7. Hahaha I totally notice my weird posture when I see pictures of myself! You look so cute though. You have a darling blog..and I love the scarf!

  8. Your nails look so pretty xxx

  9. Gorgeous scarf, so so cute! Animal print of any kind is my thing - owls, horses, cats, raccoons - I've got all sorts in my wardrobe! xxx