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When it comes to beauty buys I'll admit I don't spend loads, but the area I prefer to spend a bit extra in is hair. I just love to get nice treatments, and try and look after it the best I can. Sexy Hair retails at £13.79 a bottle, although if you pick it up from Hairtrade you can grab it for £11.72! is one of the UK's leading online retailers of hair extensions hair care and beauty products. It does seem a bit pricey for shampoo, but I think you get what you pay for. Whenever I use a shampoo and conditioner that costs a bit more I find it does wonders for my hair!

This duo is no exception! Neither the shampoo or conditioner are heavily fragranced, but they do leave your hair smelling clean and fresh still, (my boyfriend loves the smell of this, and wanted to use it too). When I tried the shampoo I found it to be a really silky formula that lathered really nicely, and after using both my hair was incredibly shiny, light, voluminous and silky too. It felt really healthy as well, so it does exactly what it says on the bottle. The bottle states that you can only pick it up from profesional salons (even though you can get it from Hairtrade), so that in itself makes me believe it's worth a bit extra!

If you prefer not to spend so much on hair, then why not buy it as a gift for someone special, or give someone a big hint to buy it for you? I'd be super happy if I received this for my birthday/Christmas! :)

PS. I also noticed that Hairtrade do amazing weekly deals on their products so watch out for them! I've spotted that Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment is coming up soon for £11.39 instead of £18.99 - bargain!

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  1. These sound amazing, im always on the hunt for new products to try :) x

  2. I have never bought expensive products for my hair but maybe I´ll start with that, thesew products seem great!

  3. I need to try my hair is so thick and its just so hard to maintain and get a good product to keep it silky and just in general good condition xxxx

  4. oh i never heard of soy milk in hair products that sounds so good ! x

  5. I really need to invest in some decent hair products to get my barnett back into the habit of growing. I'm off to peruse the site now!


  6. likeee your blog!!
    keep posting and go for it!


  7. hey!! I have just discovered your blog and I should say that I love your nails from the last post!
    I will be so grateful if you take a look to my photographic work and follow me if you like it :)

  8. I might need to try this...


  9. Oooh this sounds lovely, I love a fresh clean scent!