Flavrbox August


After receiving our first box last month, and knowing a bit more about Flavrbox, I was super excited for this months box coming. I love this one more than the last, but the boyfriend preferred the last one, either way they were both amazing! In this months box we received Spanish Garden Paella, Elderflower Rice Pudding, Marshmallow dipper & pop, Wasabi Mustard, Crispbreads, and Chilli Bacon Jam.

The Paella, serves 2 to 3 people a really good portion, and it's one of the tastiest things I've ever tried. I've never tasted anything fresher, and especially not when it's been a dry packet product. My only gripe with this is that halfway through I found it far to hot spice wise, but I enjoyed it still! We haven't tried the Elderflower Rice Pudding yet, but it serves 6 people (I think), so that's great value for money in my opinion! Neither of us are really big fans of rice pudding, but we're definitely going to give it a try!

The Marshmallow dippers and pops are incredibly fluffy and tasty! The dipper we received was mint chocolate, and hot chocolates from our machine are quite small, we split the dipper in two, and it was still very tasty, I think a full one would of been a bit sickly!

The Crispbreads have a few suggestions on how to use them, but we decided to have them for lunch with some chilli bacon jam, and cheese. It was to die for! You can use them for little canapés and things though! :)

Finally the Chilli Bacon Jam is absolutely scrumptious! Since seeing it on the Flavrbox website Liam had been saying "I hope we get chilli jam", and in only the second box it arrived! If you look at it in the jar, it doesn't look to appetising, it's a bit like a dense brown mush, but the taste is soooo good! You seriously need to get this, just to put on burgers, one of the yummiest things I've ever tried. You can use it with pretty much anything too!

We haven't tried the Wasabi Mustard yet, but once the colder weather sets in (that's if it does actually get colder than our "summer"), we're going to pop some in a sausage casserole! You can still grab this box now here, and I seriously recommend you give it a go! :)

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  1. mm it all looks so yummy!

    - Keyta x

  2. I've never heard of Flavrbox until now all the bits looks yummy and will certainly get me and the hubby trying more foods out looks like may end signing up to them too. thanks for the info :)

  3. This looks so so amazing. Really need to try them xo

  4. Wow.. this looks amazing! I'm too young (15) to get this box now as i don't sort the food out but if i could i would definitely get this box! Looks really nice. x

  5. This looks great! I would love to try the rice pudding (as a huge rice pudding fan!).

  6. This all looks so yummy!Its such a different concept too :)
    Beauty for Biochemists


  7. Chili bacon jam!? What is this deliciousness? Need it in my life!


  8. wow the marshmallows look so yum! all this food sounds so cool and exotic! making me hungry :P xx

  9. I love the look of the chilli bacon jam - it sounds delish! xx

  10. I'm drooling over the Wasabi Mustard, looks so goooood! :) x

  11. My colleague and I came across your last post on Flavrbox and ordered, she loved hers and I get mine the end of this month! Can't wait, it looks great! Fab post! x

  12. OH my gosh this looks amazing! I need to get one!

  13. Chilli Bacon Jam. Chilli... Bacon... Jam...

    I need this in my life immediately!

  14. Hmm this looks quite interesting, might invest before I go back to uni


  15. Thanks for the great review Danielle :) Glad you enjoyed this month's box, we certainly enjoyed putting it together.

    For anyone who might be interested in signing up, you can get 50% off your first box and 10% off thereafter (by simply entering the code HALFPRICE2012 when signing up.

    Any questions, send an email to support@flavrbox.com and we'll get back to you as soon as is humanly possible.

  16. I absolutely love the idea of these boxes! Packed with so many fab new things you might never think to try otherwise. Also everything is packaged so nicely that if there's anything you don't want to try they would make perfect gifts! Very envious. :)