New Witch Skin Clearing Primer


witch anti-blemish skin clearing primer (£6.99) *

Right, before we start this I must say I am NOT a beauty blogger, to be honest I'm not even the slightest bit of an expert when it comes to makeup and skincare, however I thought I'd give my honest reviews on the Witch Anti-blemish Skin Clearing Primer.

I've been using this primer for around a month now, and although I don't have spotty skin I do get the occasional blemish, but I've found this primer has really helped to remove the redness and overall appearance of blemishes, and helped to keep them more at bay. The cream is almost scentless, and quite thick so around one pumps worth is enough for the whole face. My skin is generally quite dry, but I've found that this primer helps to prevent my foundation from drying my skin out so much (although I have been using Garnier Essentials Day nightly (I know, what a rebel!), so this could of been part of the reason. I have heard from other bloggers that this has also helped to calm oily skin too. The primer makes my foundation apply much smoother, and helps it to stay on a lot longer. Also the packaging is really nice like all of Witch Skincare products, which is always a bonus!

For £6.99 I'd say it's definitely worth a punt, as I mentioned I've been using mine around a month and there's still loads left in the bottle.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog :-) I may try this if I start wearing make up more often again, I have acne so this could be a gentler way of using primer, great review! xxx

    1. It's something you can wear on it's own without foundation on top too :) So it might be worth a look :) xx