Instagram #8


1. Cheeky Asos order. 2. Painting my nails. 3. Beauty and the Beast (My favourite film!). 4. Having a big clear out. 5. Homemade steak and ale pie. 6. Flowering Oregano. 7. Break. 8. Super speedy delivery! 9. Goffin'. 10. Bed Head. 11. Milk bottles. 12. Blogging. 13. Scoping the competition. 14. Installation. 15. Me and ginge. 16. Poorlyyy. 17. She Said Beauty June. 18. Beautiful summer. 19. Cracking out my winter wardrobe. 20. Chicken wings and homemade wedges, nomz!

I've been feeling pretty ill over the last few days, so I haven't really been up too much, although we did go into town for a coffee yesterday which was lovely, and nice to just get out of the house. I'm supposed to be going to an awards evening at my work tomorrow which I was really looking forward to, but I don't think I'm going to be feeling up to it which is rubbish!

Not sure if I should still carry on doing these posts, it seems every man and his dog (or every girl and her blog) now do instagram posts, so I was wondering if people are getting bored? Do people still enjoy looking/reading?

Ps. remember to enter my giveaway!

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  2. Gorgeous pictures, it was fun to see the asos order then see it arrive, ha !

  3. Your hamster is so adorable and your home made wedges look good! xo