DIY - House Chalkboard


I've wanted a chalkboard for a while now, and decided to make me own rather than just buying one, because A) I couldn't decide which I preferred and B) this was more fun.

To make your chalkboard you will need;
• fimo (or other oven bake clay)
• pencil
• cardboard
• craft knife
• blackboard paint & a paintbrush
• ribbon

To start, make a cardboard stencil for your chalkboard, it doesn't have to be a house, that's just what I wanted to make! Next roll out your clay to around 0.75cm thick and use your craft knife to cut around your cardboard stencil. You'll notice from the photos my clay wasn't completely flat, and had a few lumps and bumps, I wanted it to look this way so it would look more natural and slate like, however if this is not your desired effect then you must make sure your clay is completely smooth before putting it into the oven! If you are going to hang your chalkboard then now make a hole in your clay using the back of your pencil. Once you are happy, place your clay into the oven following the directions on your pack, and then leave it to cool completely after. Once your clay is cool, you can start painting your chalkboard. I always find that fimo really absorbs the paint so I did a couple of base-coats before I went and added the chalkboard paint. Once you are happy that your chalkboard is completely covered and dry you can start painting with the chalkboard paint - apply this liberally for the best effect! Finally when your chalkboard is dry, choose a pretty ribbon and find somewhere to hang it!

Within the hour of having my chalkboard up I found the lovely message above :)

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