DIY - Hanging Heart


I'm a huge fan of getting crafty every now and then, and particularly love making things for the home. If you follow me on twitter you may have noticed that I spent the whole weekend doing bits of DIY, after all that's what bank holidays are for!

To make this hanging heart I used porcelain doll sculpey clay. To start cut a template from card, then roll out your sculpey (or alternative clay) to the desired thickness, (I made mine around 7mm), and then cut around your template using a craft knife. Next make a hole in the heart so that you can tie a ribbon through once it is cooked, and then place it in the oven using the directions from your clay packet. Then paint your heart in any colour of your choice, I chose a creamy off white colour to make it appear shabby-chic. Finally decorate your heart and add a fancy ribbon. If you don't want to add type to your heart then you could make it spotty, stripey or even have it plain! :)

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