I Feel Smug


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I recently came across Smug on twitter and I instantly fell in love! I adore finding hidden gems like these, with quirky home-wares, jewellery, prints and stationary. 

SMUG is the brainchild of local Islingtonian Lizzie Evans. Lizzie remembers spending her pocket money in Camden Passage as a little girl, and now as an interior and graphic designer, she has turned a regular shop front into a light and airy designed space filled with melamine and vintage kitchenware, retro glassware, handmade toys, chic ceramics and unusual stationery. The space retains its old waxed boards and rusty manhole covers, but introduces sheets of glass as balustrades and portions of the floor, allowing light to penetrate the downstairs of the retail haven.

How much do you want to visit that shop? I do! If only it was closer! However, for now, I can ogle all the beautiful delights online. I've highlighted a few of my favourites above, what do you like the best? I'm desperately in love with the vintage jumper toys, there's even more than I posted too, such as uber cute polar bears, chickens, turtles and many many more! If only I had money! Le sigh! 

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