Crown And Glory


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I keep seeing Crown and Glory popping up all over the place, and it's easy to see why, everything is so beautiful! Every singly pretty piece is handmade by Sophie King, and created with the hope that whoever wears the unique piece feels like a pampered princess. How cute is that!

Above are my favourite items, I'm especially in love with the butterfly clips, and all the adorable crowns! What are you favourite items?

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  1. I remember nearly buying the bottom left flower clips last year and resisting! I don't know why really as I still really want them :D They'd be perfect for Summer!

  2. I like the wreath on the hair. I was thinking to make one for my wedding.
    I am one of your followers, I hope you can follow back.

  3. ahh I love their stuff, the butterflys are beyond cute! x

  4. I bought one of the butterfly flowery wreaths unsure if I would really like it but it's such a pretty addition to my accessories. It just adds a unique to floaty sundresses without screaming "Look at me I'm different!!!" I'd love one of the star crowns too :)



  5. Thanks for all your comments girls :)

    Maisy, I worried about that too, but after your recommendation I may have to treat myself to one! :)