New Shoes!


I got these beauties on a rush to my last business lecture of the year today, after to going into New Look on a search for these shoes in a tiny size for my tiny feet (Unfortunately, my search was unsuccessful!). As soon as I spotted these I just had to buy them, they reminded me of the wedges from my January wishlist, and I much prefer closed toe to peep toe shoes. :)

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  1. those are gorgeous, especially with the socks :) i love wedges, they're basically the only heel i can walk in :(

  2. Wow these are beautiful, they look so dainty!
    unfortunately wedges are a massive no for me, as my huuuuge size 8 feet look horrible in them :9


  3. These look lovely! Are they comfortable to walk in? I'm trying to find some wedges I can walk around all day in, but so far no luck :(

  4. They feel comfy to me, but I've only been tottering around the flat, so I haven't worn them for a long period yet :)

  5. Danielle these are BEAUTIFUL! I love any heel in that Mary Jane style... I may go see if I can find me some of these *inspired* :-D

    Dayner x jewellery/fashion/lifestyle -

  6. Aren't they just Dayner! Mary Janes are definitely my favourite shoe too! :)