Lush: Candy Mountain


My beautiful best friend bought my some Lush goodies for Christmas, because she's amazing! I tried the Candy Mountain Bubble bar last week, and it definitely did not disappoint. The whole bathroom smelt so lovely, and the bath water turned so pink and pretty! There were more bubbles that what there appears in the photos, but I just wanted to show you how pink the water goes. After using the Candy Mountain my skin felt so soft and silky, and the beautiful smell lingered for hours. This has been my favourite product so far.

As this was a Christmas product you won't be able to get this in stores now, but I believe this is the same product, just in a different shape :)

PS. All the floaty pink bits did eventually disintegrate.

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  1. so gutted i can't try this now, deffo gona try the creamy candy! looks so nice!


  2. You definitely should, it smells AMAZING! :)

  3. i like the name of it... candy mountain. will check it out.. through ur link..

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