I've been mega busy working on important Piggypips things this week, so haven't managed to post as much birthday things as I wanted. I did intend to post photos from both my birthday night out in Huddersfield, as well as the family party at home, however I feel a bit weird about posting drunk photos of my friends on my blog, so I'll leave that just for facebook, haha! :)

So yeah, here's a few photos from the lovely family party, which was my joint 21st party with my grandparents 57th wedding anniversary. The people in the photos are myself (obviously), my lovely fiancé, my parents, my grandparents and my cousin Jade. The party was extra special because my grandparents came over from Ireland, and I hadn't seen them since me and Liam got engaged. :)

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  1. Looks like a fun celebration, I love the black and white photos


  2. Really lovely photos, looks like you've had the best weekend! Happy belated birthday! x

  3. Such lovely photos! Especially of you and your fiance! Your blog is so cute too.x