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The lovely Kate recently had a wonderful Lush giveaway over on her blog, which I just had to enter as the goodies sounded so wonderful, and I'd never actually tried Lush before! I was so excited when I got the email saying I'd won, and even more excited yesterday when I got a gorgeous smelling parcel from the postman! It was a lovely thing to get during my birthday week! :)

I was very excited to try something out that day, so last night I tried the Lil Lush Pud, and I thought I'd do a post about it on here. I started taking photos, but the water didn't look very appealing at all, I mean, if someone had told you that the cast of TOWIE had just been in there, then you'd believe them, it was very yellowy/brown. This considered, I was amazed at how fast the pud dissolved, and it made the whole bathroom smell delish! I'll post some photo's when I try out the magic wand (which I'm very excited about!).

Thanks Kate! :) xox

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  1. YAY I have my own blog post label!! :D hehe.
    I'm so happy that they arrived in one piece as I was afraid that if the postman wasn't careful they'd bang into each other and crumble. Glad you like them hun. :)) xoxox

  2. :)

    Thanks so much Kate! And they did arrive in one piece, thanks to all the padding and packing you did! :) xxx