Mozzypop ♥


If you follow me on twitter, you will have read that I treat myself to some beautiful Mozzypop earrings a couple of weeks ago. They arrived last week, all wrapped up carefully in a cute little sweetie bag. I really love both earrings, I thought that the mint flowers would be my favourite, but I've actually worn the rose earrings every day since I got them! :) They're both just so perfect! Most items are out of stock due to the recent flash sale, however in the info section it says that stock will be replenished within a fortnight :)

Ps. Excuse the scruffy nails, I was in a rush!

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  1. I love these! Very cute. The mint green is a gorgeous colour. :) xx

  2. Love the rose ones, they're really bright and eye-catching! :) x

  3. Thanks! :) They're both really lovely :) xx