Can We Move Here Please?


I did not take these photo's.

I know it's early, because students were only just moving into halls and what not yesterday, (we've lived here over summer, because we've stayed in the same studio as last year), but we've already started thinking about where we will live in final year. :) We're thinking about moving in with a good friend from uni, who Liam lived with in halls during our first year, so that mean's we've got a bigger budget to work with. I've found this place, and it's pretty much my dream apartment, but at the moment it's being let, but I've got my fingers crossed that it will come on the market sometime in the next year! :)

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  1. Wowsa, that apartment looks amazing! Must be pretty costly..

    I hope it comes on the market for you :) I've never had to deal with renting and looking at places but I've heard it can be a struggle, so best of luck!

  2. It's £700 a month. At the moment we're paying around £520 for just me and the fiance, but that's including bills :)

    I actually one of the only people who really likes flat hunting, I just love seeing inside places :) Although I can imagine that when we come to buy our real first house then I won't be saying that then! :)

  3. this looks amazing, I love weird shaped ceilings haha! good luck! xo

    ramz and the flock

  4. Thanks Beth! :) I love the ceiling too, but I especially love the window! :)