No Calorie Treats


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I found tinyhands a while back now, and I'm still so impressed with them, and there's just nothing else around like them! I mean, we've all seen cutesy fimo cakes and donut jewellery before, but none that look this real, or smell like the real deal. Yep, that's right, these are actually smell like tasty treats :). Above are my favourite products, I especially love the cookies, and jammy dodgers, and you can get other pretty rings and things in the same range. Anyway, go and check out the shop, and follow the lovely tinyhands on twitter too! :)

Disclaimer: I was not asked to review tinyhands, I've done it off my own back as I genuinely think they are beautiful products :)

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  1. these are sooo cute! love the cookie earrings :Px

  2. I really love the cookie earrings, you can get cookie rings too! :) x

  3. oh, my! how cute are which one to pick! MMmm...perhaps the yummy ice cream necklace! xoxo

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