Wedding Season


Going to another lovely wedding next weekend, this time in the Lake District and it's going to be more casual :) Here's what I'm going to be wearing. The top one I'm planning on wearing during the day, it just looks so lush on, and the second is what I'll be wearing at night. The night time dress was available in blue or cream/hazel, I got the second option as I'm really not a fan of wearing white heels, I just think they look really tacky, and I wasn't sure what else would go with the blue one apart from dark shoes! Plus my boyfriend is wearing tan pants (very similar to these, but longer) to the wedding so the cream dress matches better ;) haha.

Ps. I also bought this dress yesterday, couldn't resist it at £10 in the sale, suppose it's another option for the night do, or is it a bit too casual?

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