Self Generated Brief


I mentioned previously that I was going to post some bits from my current self generated brief, however I just haven't had the time, and I actually handed it in today, so I guess it's no longer my current project. Nevertheless here are some of the end pieces I came up with; the first is the logo, then bus shelter posters, park tickets, flyers and postcards :). I also made a website template, iPhone app, and t-shirts too :)

As I said, it's a self generated brief and the idea was for me to rebrand and relaunch Glasgow Zoo, so I'm sorry Glaswegians but the zoo isn't really reopening, not to my knowledge anyway!

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  1. That's really impressive Danielle :D I love the colours and the graphics are so crisp! Good range of work too. Well done.

  2. Thanks Esther :) it should actually be crisper but I had to make the files smaller to upload :)

  3. Ooo I love it! :) Simple but sweet design :)