Her Name Is Lola..


She is a showgirl :)

So the boyfriend (go follow him on twitter) finally caved in, and told me to email the landlord to see if I can have a hamster and they said yes! So here she is, little Lola, she's a bit timid right now but I'm trying to coax her into be hand tame with little hamster choccies. She's apparently ginger and white (according to the pet shop) but I think she's more of a caramel, haha, she's got lovely brown eyes and she's uber fluffy and soft! I'll no doubt upload a few more photos once she's become a little less timid and camera shy :)

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  1. Thankyou :) she's a darling :)

  2. omg, Lola!! How utterly adorable. I'd love a pet - doubt my landlord would be as kind somehow! x

  3. Our landlords are really quite nice, it's a company though, and they live in the Isle Of Man, so they never see the flats themselves anyway, they just have a little team over here for maintenance etc. But I'd already asked if I could have a fish (which I didn't actually get), so I was worried about asking for another pet! haha :) x