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I bought the dress on the left a while back when I posted my Republic Wishlist, it wasn't actually on my wishlist, but I saw it in store and it looked amazing on, so I just had to get it! I also tried the bird print one on at the same time, but they didn't have my size so it was a bit ill fitting, so I decided to pass on that one and get the gorgeous peterpan collar dress instead. However I was browsing the Republic sale today, and I found the dress in the middle for just £12 instead of £26.99, bargain! I just had to buy it, as it is such a flattering dress! Now all I need to do is invest in the right one :)

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  1. wowza, these are gorgeous! think my fave is the bird print one x

  2. I really love the bird print one, but the one on the left suited me much better (colour wise), a bit gutting really! x