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I think I'm in love with Republic at the moment, they have so many pretty things! Luckily I currently have a £25 gift voucher, and they have 25% off everything in store and online until midnight Sunday, so I'm going to go and have a look in store with my mum today or tomorrow :) (yayz!) I'm particularly in love with the Peter Pan dress but they barely ever have the stuff I love in my local stores! :(

Sorry I haven't been posting a lot of my work recently, I'm just in the middle of a giant creative block, however I do have a little easter illo coming up over the weekend, and I might even give you a sneak peak at my current uni project soon too :)

Edit: I bought myself the peterpan collar dress today, it looks just as lovely on as it does online, and also got myself this little number :)

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  1. I never think to go in republic because it seems a bit tacky from outside with all their loud music playing but that cat top... oh my god, NEED IT!

  2. I find the shops are really quite tacky too, but the majority of my dresses are from there, but I usually buy them online, and when they have a sale their prices are mega cheap! :)

  3. Nice finds!!

    Currently loving ASOS designer section like Aqua and TBA.

  4. oh and the Laden Show Room and Joy Store are good as well!

  5. There's some really nice stuff on there, thanks for the hints :)
    The Aqua stuff in particular is lovely :)