NY. What I Did.


1. Visited the top of the Rockefeller during the day.
2. Got interviewed for a Chinese Television show in Times square.
3. Watched the sunset at the top of the rock.
4. Went for a meal in Hooters.
5. Had a Double Down burger in KFC. Nom nom.
6. Went for a ride in one of them scary bike carriages.
7. Played on the big Piano in FAO Schwarz.
8. Visited the Apple Store on 5th.
9. Bought lots of makeup/nail polish/glasses/cardigans in Forever 21.
10. Drank lots and lots of ice tea (even though it was freezing in NY).
11. Visited Central Park Zoo.
12. Walked along Brooklyn Bridge.
13. Went to Staten Island on the Ferry.
14. Ate lots of yummy Nerds.
15. Visited Saint Patrick's Cathedral and lit a candle for my Granddad.
16. Posed with some llamas.
17. Ate pancakes with eggs and bacon.

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  1. Looks amazing! :) love the ice tea drinking photo :D and also, how amazing do the pancakes with egg and bacon look! Mmmmm!

  2. Lolol at the picture of you and the llama!

    Looks fabbo, I hope to get pics just like that when I go..

  3. That ice tea was probably the best ice tea i've ever tried :). and the eggs and pancakes were amazing, although i ate the egg and bacon seperately to the pancakes :) haha and i could only eat half of the pancakes. So filling!

    That llama was amazing, you should go an see him :), you can feed him for like 50 cents or a dollar, I can't remember quite how much. When are you off to NYC? xx