Secret Santa


I thought it would be lovely if us fellow artists/illustrators/designers and other lovely creatives took part in a giant Secret Santa this year. A few of you have took interest, so lets make this idea a reality :).

So here's the rules;
1. You must be from the UK to take part to save on postage.
2. The thing which you send must be something you have made or designed.
3. You can't tell anyone who you're sending your gift to until after christmas to keep it a surprise.
4. Don't post photo's of what you are making until after christmas either for the same reason! :)
5. Keep your work clean please, we don't want anyone receiving rudey adult designs for christmas ;).

How it will work;
1. If everyone who wants to take part can email your name and address to: (no one else will see your address apart from myself, and the person who is sending your gift)
2. If you commit to take part, then you have to follow through and send a gift, otherwise it won't be fair to people who don't receive a present.
3. The deadline to send me your address is the 30th of November.
4. I will send you the address to your Secret Santa on the 1st of December.
5. Once you get the address then please make and send your gift as soon as you can to make sure they arrive for Christmas.

Who's taking part;
Myself, Liam Hodgeon, Dee Andrews, iamaliciarose, Abby Wright, Raychul Beaty, natashalikestea, MrBrightside, teaandruffles, Jake Ivill, Jo Cheung, Oblongmouth, Libby Freshwater, Moonbeatle, Kate Blandford, anxietydown, Jamie Mills, Sanna Dyker, Rachel Shillcock, Sarah RooftopsEuan MonaghanStickypop, Stacie Swift, Kayleigh Bluck, minirice, TGP Ball, Natalie Ball, Richard Kirk,

PS. Me and Liam Hodgeon will take it in turns at drawing names out of a hat to make sure that its fair, and also so we can both take part without know who will be sending us our gifts :)

PPS. I'll add names to this post of who's taking part once I've received their addresses.

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  1. I've blogged you - hope you don't mind?!

  2. Sounds great :) i'm not living in the uk anymore, but i'll pass it on to my creative uk friends.

  3. Ooh how exciting! Are all crafty types welcome? I'm not an artist/illustrator/designer but I do sew and cook and love Christmas! Let me know x

    PS. I arrived via amongthechimneypots!

  4. yeah all craft types are welcome! :) x

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