3D Lust


After talks, lusting over 3D cameras with Matt aka Stickypop, and seeing a photo he had edited to look 3D, I decided to have an experiment. I made myself an action in Photoshop, which literally took me about 10 seconds to do, but it's just a habit I've gotten myself self into. Actions can save you so much time, and also it allows you to have continuity running through your work/blog etc. Anyway, I used the action that I created on a couple of photos that I'd taken a few years ago for part of a college project, and above is the results I've got. It's just really easy to do, and gives a really nice effect. Oh and if anyone would like to donate a 3D camera to me then I'd be more than happy to accept ;)

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  1. Neat. I keep an old pair of blue/red glasses handy for exactly this.

  2. Did it actually work? I had no idea if it would :)