Day Trip


Yesterday we took a day trip to Whitby with university, to coincide with our new brief; 'Defining Britishness'. The weather was miserable and most of the day it was lashing down with rain, however I still had a pretty amazing time. We spent most of our day trying to defend our cameras from the rain, hunting for a cheap fish and chip shop (the chippy cafes there are so expensive!), drinking tea, climbing the stairs to the abby, and drinking in the pub. All in all and quite unintentionally I think we did a pretty good job at defining brutishness haha :).

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  1. Oooh love Whitby, last time I was there it was ages ago and yeah it was raining like most of the time. Apart from the weather it's such a quaint little place.

  2. I think the last time I went (apart from friday) it was flash floods! :(
    but it is such a lovely little town :) especially when the sun actually comes out :)