Transform A Triangle


After seeing The Scribble Project a while back, Haus Stories and also Colonel Windpipe Needs You, I've been inspired to make my own collaborative project that pretty much anyone can join and enjoy. I wanted the brief to be pretty much wide open, so all that you are supplied with is a triangle inside a square which you are free to illustrate in anyway that you can imagine. There are only a few rules, your piece must be hand drawn, black and white only, and also you must keep inside the square. If you're interested in taking part then check out the flickr group or download the template here. Above is my submission, I decided to make mine a pirate :).

If this project goes as well as planned then I will look into making it into a small zine, which I will then sell through etsy or something similar. The cost of the zine will be whatever the price of making the zine costs. Enjoy :)

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