Macbook's On Vacation


I have some bad news, I'm back at home for a couple of weeks, and my laptop charger has broke so I have no macbook until my replacement charger arrives (but it's a bank holiday so it won't be until tuesday at the earliest - boo hoo). So unfortunately I won't be able to blog for a while, (well I could blog from my mums laptop but all my illustrations etc. are all on my macbook), but bare with me and all should be back to normal next week.

Hope you all have lovely weekends! :)

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  1. aw, that's unfortunate. :( Hope it comes when it's supposed to! Looking forward to seeing you blog when you do get back into it.

  2. Thankyou very much :)
    my charger arrived today and thankfully my macbooks working :)
    I'll return to blogging tomorrow :)

  3. What kind of macbook do you have? A pro? I am looking to buy one in the next month or two which i'll use for graphic design and photography and stuff - which would you recommend? Thanks!


    Oh and i've become a follower of you :)

  4. I just have a macbook, I bought it 3 years ago now, but when I bought it it was the top end macbook, the black one, which cost just under £1000. I'm not sure if they still make different spec macbooks now. My boyfriend bought the pro last year and he loves it.

    They are both brilliant laptops so it's completely your choice. Like I said my macbooks 3 years old now, and the only problem I've ever had is the fact that my charger broke, however that could happen with any laptop. I use the full adobe creative suite on mine without any problems.

    Hope this helps :)