Here's a little bit about my trip to London last week with the boyfriend which I promised you all. I had a really lovely time, I've been to London a few times now but I've never before done the touristy things such as Madame Tussauds and the London Aquarium which were both brilliant, and I would advise anyone to go who is planning a trip to London. Also on all my previous visits I haven't really been old enough to realise how beautiful the city really is, there's just so many gorgeous parks all around, and the architecture is just stunning, I could definitely envisage myself living down in London one day :). We started the week with a trip to Madam Tussauds, and the London Aquarium as mentioned prior, and then we did intend to have a flight on the London Eye, but the queue was definitely in the thousands so we decided to tour London by foot and the underground instead. We also visited Harrods, which is nothing that I expected really, I thought it would look more like Debenhams or something, selling only Harrods products instead of everyone elses. I was also impressed by all the lovely places to eat, during our visit we ate at Fire and Stone, which was really amazing and different, and we of course had to eat at Wasabi, luckily there was one just round the corner from our hotel, where we spent £20 on yummy ricey goodies :). Oh and I visited the Lazy Oath shop while I was down there which was pretty amazing as I love their stuff :), and I decided that I'd definitely like it if I had my own shop in the same sort of area, it was lovely there!

Anyway, sorry for the huge amount of writing, hope you all had just as amazing weeks, and normal blogging will resume from tomorrow. Chow for now! :)

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