I've finally got round to opening up my etsy shop, and it's now running live, and fully stocked with tote bags and prints. Go and check it out by clicking on the image above, or by clicking here.

Ps. I'm giving the new blog banner a trial run, I'm not quite sure about it so let me know your opinions please people :) Thankyou in advance.

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  1. Ah cool! I will be sure to 'heart' it when I go on :)
    And I love the new banner - so cute!

  2. like the banner, you should totally gif it

  3. heck, im currently branding my cake shop and my header for everything is bunting triangles! aaa! i thought i would give you a heads up incase you see it appearing! x

  4. Ahh that sounds amazing :) bunting is lovely.
    I'm not sure on my banner anyway so I might be changing it, the quality is awful even though I made it the right size at 300dpi and everything.. :/