Who Likes French Bread?


So I've submitted another design to another competition, a tee shirt design this time. I've submitted this piece to threadless today, but it's not up for voting yet, but I'll keep you posted when it is :). I plan to enter a lot more competitions over summer, so it would be nice to have your support on my submissions, and I'm always willing to help out a fellow budding designer with their competition submissions too. (if you've got any work submitted to a competition that you'd like me to vote on then just leave me a link in the comments).
I'm really digging french style characters at the moment, they're just so easy to create and look uber cute :). I also really love the colours I've used in this one, the greeny-blue is such an amazing colour. So yeah let me know what you think, and remember, my giveaway starts on tuesday :).

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  1. looks great, i will of course be voting and i wish you good luck with it :)
    i will keep my eyes peeled for your give away too!