New Flat, Good Food, Nice Music


So I've finally moved into the new flat with the boyfriend (after doing about a 10 week or more count down), and I can now apologise for the lack of blogging. The whole week was taken up with packing, moving into the new flat, and then unpacking. Went to log onto the internet at the weekend and it wouldn't work as someone had stolen the broadband boosters, but all is sorted now :)

Spent the weekend celebrating, eating gorgeous food, and cuddling in front of the tv :). We decided to get the 'Two can dine for £10' deal at M&S, and it was so lovely. We got some yummy parmentier potatoes, chicken in lime, coriander and chilli, profiteroles, and a nice bottle of rose. Oh and we threw in a tasty prawn cocktail starter to make it extra tasty. I think I enjoyed the food even more because I'm now on a healthy eating scheme for the summer, (or forever) so no more over indulging for me :(! It was nice just chilling out listening to music on itunes (no spotify thanks to the internet problem), and watching tv for the weekend, but I definitely couldn't of gone any longer without the internet as sad as that sounds!

Anyway, there's no monday moleskine post again (sorry) as I haven't had the time over the week, and I just didn't expect the internet to be sorted so quickly, but as from tomorrow blogging will be back to normal. Hope you all had lovely weekends, and a lovely start to the new week :)

Ps. there's four hours left on my infectious design, so it'd be great if you could leave me some love :)

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