Little Nelly


I've been really enjoying drawing little characters up in my sketchbook lately, I guess I'm trying to find my 'style', as I don't feel like I really have one. Most of my illustrations look so different, but I'm really liking these little creatures so we'll see how they get on for now. What do you think of this new style I'm trying, or should I stick with the style that I use for my repeat patterns which seem a little more structured I guess, with big black outlines. Have a look on my flickr if your not sure what I mean. Anyway, this little guy wants to play, can you really say no to him? :)

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  1. Can I say I like both styles equally? I think they both have potential. The outline on your pattern design works well to separate the tightly packed elements and this is great when you are contrasting big spaces of soft hues against big bright colours. Go ahead in both directions I think x

  2. Awwh thanks :)
    and yeah you can choose both, I suppose I enjoy making both equally :)
    thanks for your input :) x