A Glass Half Full


I decided to enter the Positive Posters competition, as I admired the competition last year but didn't actually submit a piece. This year the theme this year is 'A Glass Half Full', I chose to represent this quite head on by having an actual glass which is half full, as the winning poster is to be pasted on the streets of Melbourne, and people may not get the chance to stop and read your piece properly. I'm not sure if I really do like the colour palette I chose to work with as it's a bit bolder and brighter than the stuff I usually produce but I felt it would stand out nicely. Also I'm not really a fan of working portrait but I'm pretty sure this was the only option for the competition. That's all I have to say really (:

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  1. It'd be great to see a half empty one too! :O

  2. Do you think so?
    I'm not overly impressed with this one really I guess :)