The Creators Project


I got some free tickets to The Creators Project just from being part of the Vice Blogging Network. It sounded like such an amazing day/night, but I got the tickets on Thursday, with the event being on Saturday, plus I was supposed to be working on Sunday, and the fact that I live near Manchester and the party was in London, so it sounded unlikely that I could go, but I did everything I possibly could to get myself there!

The event started at 3pm, and was in the basement of Victoria House. During the day there were some lovely installations, and a few talks, but unfortunately we didn't actually manage to catch any of the talks as there was just so much other stuff to see. One of my favorite pieces was definitely the installation where people had been filmed dancing to their favourite song, and then mixed together into a short video. The recordings of people dancing were played during the DJ sets later that night on a gigantic screen, it was worth a laugh if nothing less.

The music started from 8pm in the ballroom, with rather long sets with Mark Ronson & The Business INTL, Kele Okereke, and Tinchy Stryder. Mark Ronson, and Kele were both amazing to see live, and played both their new music and their older material which everyone knew. Oh and did I mention there was a free bar all day and night! The free bar was pretty decent with all the spirits being good brands, and all the mixers were cans, plus they had had a variety of mineral waters and soft drinks during the day. I also finally got to meet up with Jade Sibley after months of talking via blogs/twittier/flicker, which was lovely too.

Apart from the fact that I had to wait from 3am (when the event finished), until 8am for my megabus home, I had a really amazing night :). I can't imagine how good the NYC Creators Project would have been! I will definitely be making it to year 2 of the Creators Project so long as there is one :).

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