Wednesday Wallpaper


So if you follow me on twitter you will of heard me mention a new feature on my blog for wednesdays; Wednesday Wallpaper. I really enjoy making repeat patterns so I planned on making a new wallpaper every week, but I think this might be a little too ambitious, so instead this feature will be monthly as that will give me the opportunity to keep this feature alive when I start my second year and become overloaded with work!

Decided to make a geeky wallpaper this month due to the fact I got my results for first year yesterday, and I did really well; I was 0.2% off getting a first :). I wasn't expecting to do half as well as I did, so this has given me the motivation to work extra hard next year, to hopefully get that first when I finish my degree :). Anyway click the image above to go to my flickr and download the pre-made background, or you can find a ready to tile version here if you prefer to roll that way ;). Enjoy, and feel free to leave me comments with what you think about this months wallpaper :)

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  1. love the idea! love the wallpaper, love it all :) and congrats on your grade! xxx

  2. thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, and thankyou :) xxx

  3. this is such a cool idea :) xx

  4. wow, this is so cute and geeky! Keep it up, it's a lovely idea!

    eli. x