Sneak Peek


So there's been a slight change of plan.. I did say that I would post my coffee plushies today, but I've spent the whole day making mini fimo coffee charms, and just haven't had the time to take nice photos that my plushies deserve, so instead here is a sneaky peek :). I'll probably be putting photos of my coffee plushies up at the weekend or the beginning of next week, and then they'll be going up for sale soon after. Oh and I'll probably add some photo's of my mini coffee charms tomorrow, and they'll be going up for sale around the same time :). I'm not sure if my little charms and plushies should have kitschy names or not? Or simply just be called what they are. If you have any ideas for names then drop me a message in the comments :)

Also, a quick reminder to ask you all if you could spare a couple of minutes to vote for my laptop skin over on infectious. That would be muchly appreciated :)

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