Work In Progress - Elephant Tote


As mentioned before I'm going to start making a few tote bags that I will be putting on Etsy soon, take a look at my work in progress for the elephant tote:

Handpainted with fabric paints, the blue and purple paints are also shimmer paints. Just waiting for a button eye and its own personal tag and name! I will be making three of these bags and no more, so you can pretty much guarantee that no one else will have this bag! Plus, as they can be washed, it'd make a great beach bag for this summer, or just a general bag for all your goodies :) What do you think? 

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  1. Hi, liking the bag, good luck with it! Your article about the design lecture was really interesting, it sounded like a great day!

  2. thanks very much :)
    and it really was a great day :)