Today I'd Like..


Today I'd love a really really good coffee, but unfortunately I'm at home at the moment, and there's absolutely no where to grab a nice coffee! So instead of drinking a nice coffee, I drew one :). I'm not actually a latte girl myself, I much prefer a cappuccino or mocha, or a lovely iced coffee for a summers day, but I love this little quote so I went with that anyway. I decided to try a new style of digitalising my work, by removing all the outlines and I think it's worked quite well so I might be doing more of this soon! Let me know what you think in the comments :)

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  1. I don't drink anything but tea however I totally want this on my wall! I think this is a great style I know you said a month or so ago that you was confused like me with what style your best at etc I think this is brilliant :) xx

  2. awwh that's so lovely Jade :)
    thankyou very much :D