I'm sure you've probably all heard of tilt-shift photography before, but if you haven't it's basically the use of tilt which creates a selective focus within in small and medium format cameras that creatures miniature looking scenes. I f you ever get the hang of it then your photo's look great, however it's much easier to cheat! Take your photo's then add the effects in Photoshop after, which is something I based one of my A-level photography modules of in college and got results like this:

Even a year on I'm still quite impressed with the results (these weren't my final pieces just experiments), however when I was creating them it was a bit trial and error. This is where the good part comes in, I was just this second browsing the internet and came across this website. It's a tilt shift generator, all you need to do is upload your image, and the site does the rest for you. You can edit your results if you choose to but I've found it to work pretty well with the few images I've tried. The website is free, you can download the results, and there's a photo gallery of other peoples work plus a link to a flickr pool where you can show your results. I highly recommend you have a play around on this website, you won't be disappointed!

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  1. this is awesome!! thanks for sharing the link.

  2. Your welcome :)
    Thanks for the mention on twitter too :)

  3. Wow, you are a really good photographer, and you have a great way of writing really interesting. Thanks!


  4. thankyou very very much kalia :)

  5. Hello! Nice theme ... I plan to take pictures ... And I love Photoshop. Just to get more time! This is a very interesting and beautiful are these photos! - Appeal to me ... Only continue so!!

  6. Those pictures are awsome. I really like the effect, and you seem to have a really cool blog.