Sunday Girl Accessories :)


I ordered a custom necklace from Sunday Girl Accessories and I absolutely love it! I ordered it on wednesday and came today which is super fast to say it's something I requested :). I decided I wanted a white westie necklace as I adore my two little girl westies; Millie and Mollie, with a nice little red bow to match their red collars :). What do you think? (The bottom image is one from my mini diana, with myself and Millie).

Also I'm making some handpainted tote bags today so I'll be updating with the process of them shortly. Thanks for reading, and also hello to all my new followers :D

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  1. I love the necklace, love how it matches your doggies hehe! :) And the company looks really good- reminds me of Tatty Devine, but much more affordable!xxx

  2. yeah I thought so too :)
    really want some more stuff from there, but don't want to spend my whole loan already! :) haha xx

  3. Ooooh I love Sunday girl's stuff..I ordered a mostache necklace a while ago and love it :)
    Great blog and I love your graphics work

    Laura x

  4. oooh :) I'm seriously considering getting a moustache necklace :)
    been playing with the idea for a while but I just bought lots of nice new necklaces so think I'll wear them first :D

    Thankyou for your lovely comments :D

    Danielle x