Put Your Hands Up


Thought I'd blog about something other than the elections as that seems to be all thats been on everyones blogs/twitters/facebooks etc, and yeah I voted but I also did other things today! Such as these hands :) I usually suck at drawing hands, and people in general, but I was just drawing a little bush/cloud shaped character and realised it looked a lot like a hand, so I drew a matching one and sleeves too. I doubt there will be a body to accompany these hands for a very long time but it's a start :)

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  1. Those be cool hands, I to found it annoying how many blogs I've read that featured the election in it's content which led me to write about the elections out of some sort of guilt. Wish I had done what you have and blogged about something else. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thankyou very much Andrew :)