Noise, Noise, Noise!


So today I got my second roll of film processed from my diana mini, but I was really disappointed with the results. None of the pictures turned out well at all, every single one seems to be over exposed, dark, or full of noise :(. This is probably the only one that slightly turned out, and it is a lovely photo but there's just too much noise for my liking. The reason none turned out well is because I was taking photos inside with the dullest student accommodation lighting ever, using really expired film (every photo has a big thick blue transparent layer over the top), and also I kept forgetting to focus too which didn't help the matters. Anyway, the boy in the photo is my extremely lovely boyfriend who is looking very happy about getting his fisheye out after a long time :) (you can check some of his amazing fisheye photos out over here). Also I've decided after these shocking results that I definitely will be ordering a flash for my diana, and probably very soon too!

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  1. Hello lovely,

    What film were you using?

    You're right, you really do need a flash for indoor photography, unless there's a lot of natural light and you're using super fast film. Plus, the Diana flash is super cute, so it's a win-win!

    Elle x

  2. It was a kodak ulra but it was around 4 years out of date :) xx

  3. Look forward to seeing some results.. with a flash.

  4. Thanks. I've just ordered one tonight so there should be some results soon :)