My Diana Mini Partner :D


Image credited to Single Elderly

So a while back I mentioned about a diana mini film swap which was being organised by Elle from Diana Mini Love, and I've just received my film swap partner which is very exciting :D. The subject of the swap is 'the world we live in', so Elle decided it would be better if our parter was from overseas which I think was a great idea, it will create huge contrast within the results.

Anyway my partner is a lady from Hong Kong, you can find her on twitter here. I was also looking at her work here, she's ever so talented, and I really love her photography which has made me even more excited for the swap. The image above is a photo that she has taken with her Diana F+, (I know I probably should of featured a diana mini photo but I am so in love with this one!), and I think it's absolutely gorgeous! I was really hoping for my partner to be from somewhere really exciting like China, Japan or New York as I think their cities are so exciting, so I'm super glad my partners from China! I just hope my partner likes the photos that I take as my home town(s) are probably the complete opposite to hers! :)

Ps. the swap will take quite a long time to finish but I will post some of the results on here after :D

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  1. I'm so glad you're pleased with your film swap partner. It was harder than I expected to match people up. I can't wait to see the results of your swap!

    Have fun!

    Elle xx