Moleskine Monday


Not much to say about this weeks Monday Moleskine, just a doodle. However if anyone ever invents a mini elephant or knows where I can buy one then make sure you get in touch ;). I've always loved elephants, and one day I WILL go on one of these gap years where you can go and stay with elephants (it probably won't be a gap year by the time I get round to it though haha). You may have noticed this is the same as the elephant on my tote bags, which will be coming up for sale very soon so watch this space :)
ps. there's an amazing giveaway over on my boyfriends blog that just been announced, jump over and win yourself a print :)

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  1. When I saw moleskine doodler in your profile, I smiled. I do some doodling myself, but I never thought to blog about it! Just followed you blog, and am adding to my google reader!

    here's my site!

  2. so cute and round!
    I personally want a mini horse =)

  3. thankyou both very much :D
    a mini horse would be adorable too :D