Moleskine Monday


I bought a new edding55 at the weekend as both my fineliners were on their last legs, I usually buy uni pin 0.3, but this one caught me eye too. It's got a lovely black and white stripe body,  it reminds me of humbugs, hence this piece. I did actually draw this piece with the edding but then I went over it in posca anyway :) Sorry if that reasoning was really dry and boring!

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  1. i use unipins! although i go for the 0.8. thickness all the way! ive not tired poscas yet, are they any good? do they run through the pages?

  2. I can see the line stroke,so it:)

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  4. Ohh I can't use thick pens Lily, :( my boyfriend Liam uses 0.8 but a different type of pen :)
    And poscas are amazing, and don't go through the page :) you should definitely check them out :) have you seen the work we do with crim collective? if you have then thats all posca work :)