Moleskine Monday


I got the inspiration for this piece from the song; All You Need Is Love by Lynden David Hall from the Love Actually soundtrack (I think it was originally by The Beatles, but the lyrics are the same nevertheless). It just came on in my itunes the other day and I think it's a really inspirational song, just love these lines: nothing you can sing that can't be sung, there's nothing you can make that can't be made, no one you can save that can't be saved. Just think the lines are so truthful and it really is a lovely song too so if you haven't heard it before then go listen to it now! Not sure if I should of block coloured some of the hearts or text, but all the moleskine pieces I've done recently have been really dark and heavy through use of my posca, and I think this looks very light and crisp. Also if you can't tell I'm back on my mums scanner again, so sorry for the rubbish framing, been feeling really ill so thought I'd stay home for a few days and get lots of TLC :)

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